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Assured recovery of excel, access, powerpoint, outlook, word, vba project or other office items. Do not break office algorithm and find actual paasword. supports microsoft office 2003 to 2007.

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Office Password Recovery: Best Tool to Recover Lost Office Password

Microsoft Office package is a well known application used by the most of the computer users. Using this interactive and user friendly application you can easily manage your important data files. A large number of Official people are using this application to store and manage huge data amount. To write a letter or to write a biodata users use Microsoft Word that provides simple features to create the file. In order to manage official files Microsoft Excel plays an important role. But with all these features users have to face problems when he lost used password of the files which requires Office password recovery.

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It is common that users setup username with password to prevent from unauthorized access to your confidential data. In our personal or professional life it is difficult to remember used password of the websites, Office documents or anything else. But it may raise severe problem when you lost your official file or personal data file password. Most often it has seen that in this critical condition user becomes unable access Word, Excel, PowerPoint files.

With different versions of Office there are different steps to create password. Users generally setup password but if it is not written on the page then users forgot that or get confused while accessing files. Assigning password on the Office files is easy but it becomes difficult to crack office password for the normal Microsoft Office users. This might be stressful situation if you have lost password of the important Excel, word, PowerPoint, Access files, Outlook. Office password recovery is the best solution to recover lost office password in this situation.

Office Password Recovery is a best tool designed to recover lost/forgotten password. This password recovery software is a powerful tool which recovers lost password and allows you to open password protected Office documents.

Features of Office Password Recovery Software:

  • It is capable to crack password of any Office documents like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook.
  • Any complex or long password easily recovered with its powerful office password recovery steps.
  • It provides you simple and user friendly wizard to perform the process.
  • It provides high recovery speed and process for multiple files simultaneously.
  • In case of weak password encryption it recovers password instantly.

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Office password recovery provides you different options to recover lost password. If you have totally forgotten the password then you can choose the best option among the password attack features. Smart Search, Dictionary attack, Brute Force Attack, Common attack are the options that you can use while recovering office password. If you are also getting password lost situation then choose the best option to recover forgotten Microsoft Office password.


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