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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft excel is a very useful application of MS Office which is used to store the huge data separately and also helps to calculating. This application is developed by Microsoft for windows and Mac os. It is very well featured such as calculation, pivot table, macro programming, graphics and so many features which are best for the system users. It is in the form of grid (combination of row and column). Now a day it is a demand of the user and every beginner or expert must have the knowledge of excel. In organization or companies, office it is used to store the data separately so it acts as a database. Excel also support one of the most popular programming which is done in Microsoft’s Visual Basic.

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Need for password protection

Password protection option is very useful for MS excel. It provides security to the data from unauthorized users. Suppose that you have inserted the data in the excel which are very sensitive and personal used so you need to protect or secure it from the other users so that they can’t modify or delete data in the excel sheet. For protecting your excel follow the steps-
i) Start excel
ii) Go to the Home and click on format option and click on protect sheet
iii) It will ask for password so enter the password and click on "OK"
iv) Again it will ask a confirmation of password so reinter the same password and again press on "OK"
v) Now your excel is password protected.

How to remove password protection from excel 2007

You can use manual process to remove password protection from excel 2007 or a third party tool. If you have more and detailed knowledge of system and office excel then you can perform by manual process but sometime it also don’t work. So the best option is to use the third party tool. Manual steps are given here-
i) Open the excel 2007 which is password protected
ii) Click on the Microsoft Office button which is given in top of left side of the workbook
iii) Click on the option "Save as"
iv) Click on the Tools button and Click on the General Options
v) Delete the password which is given in the password option box
vi) Click on OK and click on Save. You can also easily remove password protection from excel 2007 by using MS office password recovery tool. Download and install this tool in your system and run it. It will ask for the excel file so select the file and start this tool. It will recover it.

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