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Recover Microsoft office 2003 password?

Lost your MS word password or MS cryptogram password and cannot open your any file for the reason of lost password? Use MS office password recovery software this very powerful wizard to recover your password without any loss in any situations.

Any persons have lots of work in a day in this busy schedule era sometime they forgotten there password or cryptogram and they cannot recover or retrieve their password or cryptogram when they need. So, it is very critical that you remember your word cryptogram or password, but you don’t worry about this because you take some steps or use third party repair tool to recover your password or cryptogram easily.

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Now you follow this tutorial to remove or change your word 2003 cryptogram and recover your MS word 20003 password if you have forgotten or lost the cryptogram. Some useful steps to remove or change your password protection from Microsoft word 2003 documents:

If you choose previously when you create password, that you have used the password to open then you can permission to removing password for your word 2003. Otherwise, you have only one option to recover or remove your Microsoft word password through third party repair tool.

  • Firstly open your protecting word file.
  • On the Tool bar menu, press Options.
  • And then press Security.
  • After this you may show, the place holder symbols generally appears as either bullets or asterisks in the “password to open box” or the “password to modify box” that represent the existing documents cryptogram.

You can also accomplish these following steps:

To remove MS word 2003 protecting:

  • Delete the highlighted symbols.
  • Press Ok to exit the option windows.

To change MS word 2003 cryptogram:

  • Type the new password.
  • And then press Ok.
  • Re-enter the new cry0ptogram.
  • Then hit Ok.

If you can complete all process then you resave the document.

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The other way to recover or remove your Microsoft word 2003 password or change your Microsoft word 2003 cryptogram through MS Office Password Recovery Software. this software are fully trusted software to assured recovery of excel, access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, VBA project or other office items within few minutes only. And it is also capable to crack password of any office documents, provides you simple and user friendly wizard to perform the process etc.


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