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Easy Guide to Fix MS Office 25090 error

Every one known the Microsoft is more essential part of the daily life in this era. Anyone can work effortlessly on this. But some time it may create some error like error code 25090; in this case, you are totally frustrated and think how to solve Microsoft office error code 25090 easily? Here I am discussing about easy guide to fix ms office 25090 errors.

You know Microsoft can save most important files or data either it is in numerical or alphabetical forms of your require a place. When you receive error code 25090, then it means the some problem with your Microsoft office source engine. This error is mostly occurring on the windows operating system version of windows 2003 and windows 2007. This Microsoft office 25090 error code is very frustrating or annoying error that appears on the windows os. If you not a technical person then it is very bad situation for you to solving this error code manually. This error code can see like that:

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"Error 25090

Office Setup encountered a problem with the Office Source Engine, system error: -2147023836."

This ms office error code 25090 is commonly caused by your Microsoft office is installing twice in your system, or when the previous office are not being completely uninstalled form your system, or when both of your installed software were prompted to remove files that were copied locally at the end of Setup, both installed ms office did not remove the files, and when you lost your password of the application and trying to launch the application again and again. Thus, you can resolve error code 25090 on ms office by the following ways:

1st by the inserting Microsoft office CD: You can insert office set-up CD in the system, after this you can observer that the set up of ms office is starting up automatically in the PC. As the set up windows opens, you are required to click on the “cancel button”. And you also need to then respond to the exit set up option. As you load the set up screen, ms office error 25090 gets fixed by the fixing corrupted set up folders or files.

2nd by the repair .NET 2.0 Framework: Sometimes, you can repair .NET 2.0 Framework installations when trying to repair error 25090 in ms office as a damage version can also bring in the appearance of this ms office error or regular system freezing. To fix your .NET Framework 2.0, you do these steps:

  • Click start and then run Control Panel
  • Double-click on the Add/remove program
  • Find out Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 in the list
  • Click Change/Remove button next to it
  • Choose Repair and follow prompt instructions to finish the repair process.

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After fixing .NET Framework, verify whether the error 25090 on ms office is fixed. If not, then go on the next solution or third party repair tool. This is the best way to get rid of ms office error code 25090.


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